About ZTX

About Us

ZTX is a
virtual world empowering creators and communities.

Founded in 2022, ZTX is the blockchain initiative enabled by the technology and IP of ZEPETO — the largest metaverse in Asia with over 430 million lifetime users. As the UGC-driven nature and creative economy aspect of ZEPETO grows, ZTX aims to cater to the new demands of creators and communities by building an on-chain open world where users can more robustly participate in governance and economics when creating and selling digital assets.


Avatar Builder


Avatar Builder

Create your digital self

Equip wearables and Play in ZTX

ZTX Homes


Genesis Home Mint

4000 District Homes. Your Home in ZTX + Access to ZTX District Governance

Private Beta Launch


Private Beta Launch

Expanding Game Play: Decorating,

Crafting, and Harvesting

ZTX Token Launch


Token Launch

Utility Token and The

Currency of ZTX.

ZTX Beta Launch


Public Beta Launch

In-Game Use of Genesis Homes,

Avatars and Wearables.

Creator Tooling


Creator Tooling

Hub For Content Creators

ZTX Token Launch


Beta Downtown

First Experiential Area And Open-World Concept Of ZTX.

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