ZTX Background


What is ZTX?

ZTX is building an immersive 3D open world where users can create, trade digital assets, and enjoy social interaction. In doing so, we aim to empower self-expression through customizable avatars, lands, and homes that can be equipped with digital assets created by diverse creators, and communities.

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Can I buy digital land in ZTX?

What’s Arcadia?

What role do digital assets play in ZTX?

What is the ZTX Avatar Builder?

What can I do with my Avatar after I create it?

What is the purpose of the ZTX Genesis Home mint?

What are Districts? Can I choose my District?

Why own a ZTX District Home NFT? What is its utility?

How to join the ZTX community?

What are partner wearables?

What if I claim a partner wearable, but sell the associated digital collectible?

Will we be able to use these partner wearables in the 3D open world?

Where can I report bugs and share my feedback?

How do I get access to the game?

What network is the Beta on?

How do I log into the game?

I logged in using my email account, why am I seeing two different wallet addresses?

Why is the wallet address in game different from the Metamask wallet I used to log in?

Why am I seeing illegible characters in the signature screen from Metamask?

Is it free to play? Do I need ETH to pay for gas fees?

Do I need $ZTX tokens?

How to exchange capsules for $ZTX?

Will I be able to use my avatar in the Beta?

When will I be able to use my ZTX NFT home?

How to send funds out of my smart account?